Through the Cloeren Sales and Support offices in Austria and the UK we provide installation , commissioning and  servicing for their flat dies and feed-blocks

When you choose a Cloeren system, you know they stand by every aspect of their products and service. The commitment applies from  delivery to technical support and fast-response service around the world. Their knowledge of the  industry and processes enables Cloeren to design the most reliable and suitable equipment for each customer. 

Manifold Design
A critical component to the success of any extrusion or coating process is the Die. Understanding fluid flow and  flow geometry of the Die, based upon interpretation of polymer rheology and extrusion application is what Cloeren Incorporated does best. They have set the world standard in superior Die performance through their design knowledge for a wide variety of polymers, processes and applications. Cloeren has the most comprehensive knowledge of the interaction of fluid, mechanical, and thermal interaction in the flat extrusion process.

Engineered reliability
To consistently achieve the performance standards for which they are known, Cloeren uses the most advanced manufacturing techniques available. The engineering and manufacturing operations are computer-integrated to ensure consistency and reliability.

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