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As well as providing Project Management we also specialise in the hands-on aspect of equipment installations and are not afraid of getting our hands dirty. The majority of projects undertaken are for major equipment manufacturers, although we also supply services direct to production factories .
Due to our approach and experience with projects  i.e. by getting involved with all aspects of the installation, we have formed good working relationships with a number of auxilliary equipment suppliers. Frequently commissioning their equipment for them.
St Joseph - Cryovac- Project Management of a  12 extruder Cast Line  installation
Springfield - Spectrum Wire-  Wire Coating Lines, Elec/mech installation
Guangzhou - Acma - Elec/ mech installation of  Sheet line
TaiYuan -  Elec install and commission of a sheet line
Leominster -BPI- Project Management of 2 Agri film  blown film lines
Winnepeg-Winpak- Project Management of a Multi layer Cast line
Lahti - Wipak - Electrical installation of Coating and Laminating line
Luneray - PTL - Project Manage and elect/mech installation of 5 Blown Film lines
Gwalior- Adamjee - Elec installation and commission of a foam line
Faridabad -  XPRO  -  Project Manage and Elect/mech installation of Co-extrusion Cast line
Cairo - Hyma  - Electrical installation of 3 metre wide sheet line
Izmir - Elec/mech install of Foam extrusion and reclaim lines
Following are a few examples of projects that we have undertaken.
Alvarez Group- Project Manage  and Elec/mech installation of multiple blown film lines

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Bridgewater -BPI- Project Management of the mechanical installation of Multi-layer Cast line
Pulau Indah- Project Manage  and Elec/mech installation of Geo membrane Blown film line